Sunday, May 30, 2010

AsiaSaek [2008 - present]

After the gloomy and acid Transylvanian series Obscure Subconscious [2006-2009] and after the colorful and introspective series Meditative Synestesiae [2007-2008], my third series open a new direction in my creation. The title of the new series is AsiaSaek [아시아색], a name composed by two Korean words: Asia and Saek [meaning Asia – Color]. The first artwork of the new series was envisioned in 2008, and the elaboration of the series went through most of 2009. 

The works of the new series are designed around Asian cultural subjects, focusing on South Korea, the country where I lived for a year. The subjects are oscillating between traditional and contemporary cultural subjects, aiming to analyze the relation among them. Consequently, AsiaSaek is attempting to reveal the impact of contemporary westernized East Asian pop-culture upon traditional thoughts and surroundings. Also it pursues to present the opposite: the presence of traditional Asian elements incorporated in today’s high-tech metropolises.

The message of the AsiaSaek artworks is expressed through encoded multilayered structures. There is a surface message that can be easily comprehended, but the deep meanings need a close analysis. Compared to my previous series, AsiaSaek’s message is more sublime, and it is more complex and intellectualized. Since it touches Asian cultural details that an average European would not understand, AsiaSaek artworks will be accompanied by introductory statements to avoid naïve misunderstandings. On the other hand, the visuals are based on vivid, eye catching colors and various figurative symbols. Color becomes a way of expressing my thoughts and feelings, a medium to create a spectacular harmony in my artworks, and a channel to express cultural symbols.

From a technical point of view, AsiaSaek explores a new way of creating impact upon the public. The works abandon the classical two dimensional supports and eliminate the necessity of light for viewing an artwork. Most of the works of the new series are related technically and chromatically to the Asian colorful advertisement designs, the possibilities of neon lights and advantages of digital technologies. The works are the result of the combinations between classical painting and drawing and new digital art.

Summing it all up, AsiaSaek is new media art, a deep theoretical research about the fusion of traditional and contemporary Asian elements, and a series of 3D visuals built up from the possibilities of color and space.